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78-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey
“Sleepless in Seattle”

14-7b-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey
At Panama Canal

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On Monday (9 Feb), I was a guest of the US Consul General (Mrs Alberta Gale Johnson Mayberry, Ph.D.) who met me after reading the review of “My Karate Odyssey” in the Cape Argus – Cape Town’s largest daily (Monday 2 Feb – see ). The time spent with her was rather pleasant and one of the aides took some pictures of me presenting Mrs Mayberry with a copy of the book. They will include that and a small review of “My Karate Odyssey” in the Embassy newsletter.
US Consul General
With Mrs Mayberry (US Consul General)

Consul General:  Alberta Mayberry
09/08/08 to present

Alberta Gale Johnson Mayberry, Ph.D. is a member of the Senior Foreign Service. Effective September 8, 2008, she assumed responsibilities as United States Consul General in Cape Town, South Africa.  Previously, she served as Executive Director of the Office of Inspector General from July 2006 to June 2008.

Consul General Mayberry received the Master of Art in National Security and Strategic Studies on June 16, 2006 at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. She was the Management Officer and later Management Counselor in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (September 2002 – May 2005). She previously served in Algiers, Algeria (2000-2002), Nouakchott, Mauritania (1996-1998), and Dakar, Senegal (1994-1996) in various management capacities. During her tenure in Algiers, she also served as Charge d’Affaires and Acting Deputy Chief of Mission on several occasions. From October 1998-September 2000 CG Mayberry served as an Area Management Officer in the Department’s Overseas Building Operation, responsible for the development of USG facilities located in 13 posts in seven countries in Europe. CG Mayberry joined the Department of State in 1993.

Dr. Mayberry is a graduate of Wiley College in Marshall, Texas (BA, History-1970), Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia (M.S.L.S. - Library Science-1971) and the University of North Texas (Ph.D. Information Science-1991). Before joining the Foreign Service, CG Mayberry served as academic librarian and professor at several universities, including Amadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria.

Born in Houston, Texas, CG Mayberry now makes her home in Langston, Oklahoma.  She is the proud mother of four sons -- Myron, Joseph, Jr., Clifton, and Edward Darnell -- and grandmother of eight.

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16-7-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

15-3-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

41-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

In New York

“Crashed Bus”

In San Francisco

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bear103-  Hoosain Narker's My Karate Odyssey

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Il libro č Ashihara, l'istruttore Hoosain Narkers, 6 mesi di viaggio attraverso le Americhe con il karategi, zaino ed il pc portatile.